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Alicia and Christian Solve Young's Town Treasure


Date Posted: August 1st, 2014


Alicia and Christian came on out to help solve the Young’s Town Treasure.    During an interview after the reveal we asked them some questions about their adventure.   One of their responses was they like the fact that they had to find the clues to move onto the next stage of the hunt and that all of the items where just not in one location.  They liked going to the different areas and although they live in the area, they were excited that they saw (and learned about) some new features.

When they began the hunt, they had their two kids with them, and they loved the fact that they hunt was a way they could include the whole family on an adventure.   Furthermore, they also felt that they hunt was a great value and would definitely recommend it to friends and family.   The concluded that they are looking forward to additional themed treasure hunts in the future.

Thank you to Alicia and Christian for coming out and joining us on the hunt.  We all had a great time.




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